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​​​John Curran and Renegade have had the honor of being mentioned in many Press Kit Articles.

  • Traces of Tracy4:41
  • Track 064:06
  • Track 44:01
  • Track 023:23
  • John Curran (Original) Where'3:04
  • last chance thats all3:30
  • Righter Than Me3:18
  • Track 014:01
  • Track 63:09
  • That's the way it Should Be--05:145:19
  • Track 95:42
  • Track 102:45



​Renegade Concert Photo Gallery

​Renegade Band Photo Gallery

​Silver Inn Silver Lake, IN.

​9:30p - 1:30a

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Stars Shine Brighter w/ Collin Raye @ Embassy

Special Event

1997 Talent Listing Article





​Beamer's Columbia City, IN.

​9:30p - 1:30a

​​April 2007 Heritage Of Rock Concert

​The Venue Angola, IN.

​10:00p - 2:00a

​​​John Curran and Renegade were proud to open for country superstar Collin Raye at the "Stars Shine Bright" tour that took place at the Embassy Theater in Ft. Wayne, IN.

​Checkerz Ft. Wayne, IN.

​10:00p - 2:00a

​​​John Curran and Renegade were honored to perform at the "Heritage Of Rock Music Fest". John performed along with several other local musicians.

​​​​​Renegade Band had the pleasure of being listed in the 1997 Talent Listing magazine. Renegade Band had received many awards and recognition in the magazine.

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